Monday, September 3, 2012

Lakeside Rose Gardens Photo Shoot

Hello!!!  It's been a while!!!  It seems most of us have facebook accounts now and so I do most of my picture sharing there.  Sorry to neglect those of you without facebook accounts.  Also, we are back in Indiana now and we get to share our daily lives and what's happening in real time! 
It's picture time again.  I went out and found these super cute matching dresses for Stella and Ruby.  Stella is 4 and a half and Ruby is quickly approaching her second birthday on Sept. 27th. Holy cow!
We went to Lakeside Rose Gardens today to take some pictures.  Ruby was all over the place!!!  But I did manage to capture some good ones of both the girls with the help of my niece Andrea. 
When you take 173 pictures, you're bound to get a few good ones! If you would like some of these pictures please let me know what sizes and which pictures.  You can refer to them by the numbers assigned to them below.  Just e-mail me with what you want and I will be happy to order them for you!!! 
picture 1








Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wrightsville Beach

We went to Wrighstville Beach for a couple days in June and had a lot of fun.  We met Matt, Kandi and their girls and Mom there.  It was a whole different experience with Ruby at the beach this summer versus last.  She enjoyed herself so much more and was more independent.  It was fun to watch Ruby and Stella play with their cousins. 

Mom had a great time. 

Notice everything is going really well at this point and Uncle Matt suspects nothing...

Ruby swung that shovel up and it kinda got away from her and she hit Uncle Matt in the head...this was the reaction...

"No I had it first!"

Thursday, June 21, 2012

photos to share

All fresh and clean after a bath, ready for some snuggle time with Mom.  Love these sweet girls. 

Ruby likes to wear socks on her hands.

I caught Stella off guard with a quick snap shot.  She had the funniest outfit put together.

Fun fort time! 

Fun with friends at a birthday party last week. 

Stella's flying leap. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Split Creek Goat Farm

We met up with our friends to visit a goat farm this week.  The girls really enjoyed it and we've been enjoying eating some great feta cheese we bought there!

Stella and Lexi.  Lexington and her family are moving to Utah soon via Kentucky and Indiana to visit family.  So this was the last time we saw them for what will be a long time.  :(

This goat really liked Stella's yellow shirt and tried to eat it. 

There was an enormous pot belly there!  He was so cool.

A great pyrenees protecting his goats

Lots to explore.

Can I post this in my home? 

A fun morning with great friends.  We will miss you a ton!